Passengers to FlyInStyle with their favorite brands

FlyInStyle, launching in the App Store in early March 2014 (with an Android version following shortly) helps travelers connect with their favorite brands and retailers for instant deals, product launches, happy hours and more.

FlyInStyle opens a mobile communication platform for airport brands and retailers never before seen in the industry, allowing them to reach their consumer in innovative ways while increasing consumer understanding in the airport.

It is the first airport app of its kind, specializing in improving the airport experience by showcasing offers and events in retail and restaurants. Amanda Anthony, CEO & Founder, states: “Eventually we will have a better understanding of how mobile can influence buying decisions. In the airport, as passenger traffic increases and people turn more and more to their mobile devices for entertainment, the opportunity to engage passengers will continue growing.”

FlyInStyle allows its beta merchant partners to publish content in any airport globally in minutes and determine the duration of each offer and event, so efforts can be highly targeted. The focus in the first half of 2014 is in the Americas as the company ramps up with exciting offers, deals and events while building its user base.

They also have sights set on engaging high potential demographic targets like Brazilians and have accelerated expansion of multiple language support. The company is pushing merchants to publish global offers to give the passenger the best possible experience in the app for their entire trip.

FlyInStyle is working alongside its brand and retail merchant partners on driving awareness, downloads and usage during the trip through activities at the airport and online. FlyInStyle is in beta testing with select brand and retail partners but will gradually add more merchants throughout the beta period. If you are interested in partnering, please email for more information.


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