News: Launch Pad Tech announces its Community Program class

Launch Pad Tech, Miami's new accelerator opening in downtown Miami in January, on Monday announced its selections for its Community Program, which attracted 90 applications. FlySocially (now Flyinstyle): This social travel application helps travelers find fun things to do at the airport, like connecting with fellow travelers and finding instant dining and shopping deals. Amanda A. Anthony

These 25 companies did not have to be in the three industry areas that the accelerator companies did. Each of the companies will get low-cost office space in the same space as the accelerator companies as well as mentoring and can participate in the programming.

It’s all about creating entrepreneurial density, said Ivan Rapin-Smith, Launch Pad Tech’s program director. “This is all part of the goal: To put these companies [that are] in different stages of their life cycles together in the same place so they can spar with each other and grow as a community.”

Of the 25 companies chosen for the Community Program, all but Tabber are from South Florida. Here are the companies (Team names were included if provided by Launch Pad Tech):

AdMobilize: The company’s ad network changes the rules and roles of advertising; where now, consumers get paid to represent the brands they love. Rodolfo Saccoman.

Tabber: This Brazilian startup seeks to revolutionize the way people interact with bars, restaurants and stores by allowing them to place orders and pay the tab directly on their own smartphones, without having to go through a sales person. Ricardo Da Ros, Fabio Perez and Vinicius Perdigão.

Vikingo Games: This company digital pop-up books for education and entertainment. Sound and animation is used to tell an engaging story. Bibhas Bhattacharya

Sportnity: The Web 2.0 Internet platform digitizes sport leagues, clubs, teams, athletes, referees, agents and fans into virtual communities that enhance the overall sports experience.  Juan Jose “Cheche” Vidal Noya and  Zach Kirby.

CrewHu: This online recognition platform will allow customers to create, execute and track contests and other recognition programs.  Stephen Spiegel.

Sponsorist: This startup’s platform makes it easy for anyone to sponsor events, nonprofits, schools, sports teams and more. Rosston Meyer.

Munchkin Fun: A Miami kids calendar and class directory that aims to answer an old question: What’s fun today? Valerie Nahmad Schimel

Intellocorp: A cloud-enabled software company providing a platform for fuel optimization and business control for commercial vessels. Morten Larsen.

Gemster: This startup aggregates and organizes a massive database of local events from Facebook to help people decide where they should be heading out to have a great time.

Breast Cancer Partner: An eHealth portal for breast cancer survivors that provides evidence-based education, tools and resources. Rhonda M. Smith

Zia Ella: This is an e-commerce and mobile platform that will allow shoppers to learn about what to look for in their beauty products, what to stay away from and will enable easy and fast online shopping.

Indira: This company is a personalized fashion and décor brand that designs and sells bridesmaid dresses and wedding details for the discerning bride. Carrie and Ajay Mantha.

SynTravel: SynTravel specializes in Group SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) technology that uniquely melds consumers and enterprises together with their Social CRM Software.  Danny Beydoun  and Rey Tamayo.

Gozump: This startup makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to buy a home. It’s like a social turbo tax for home buying. Charleston Malkemus, Chris Troken, Scott Gilmore and Denis Vanegas.

FlySocially: This social travel application helps travelers find fun things to do at the airport, like connecting with fellow travelers and finding instant dining and shopping deals. Amanda A. Anthony.

Flomio: This startup enables new conversations between people, merchants, and brands through NFC and RFID technologies.  Richard Grundy, John Bullard, Tim Ronan and Fernando Cejas.

SpendLO: This Web-based platform enables consumers to “name their own price” on services from pre-qualified local providers. Corey Leff, Kristin Delaney, Petra Person and Haley Marcus.

YourListen: This social audio content platform allows users to upload, listen, search share, download, comment and store any audio file for free.  Scott Goodman

FlyBy: This application enables people to discover new places, new people and save money while traveling. Guillaume Lellouche.

Seeshow: A photosharing site specifically designed for kids leverages the amount of time children spend on the Internet with an entertaining way for families to create and share their stories. Andrew Peretz and John Langstaff.

Interactive Healthcare Solutions: A company that integrates consumer-based technology (such as remote monitoring, text messaging and gaming principles) into healthcare with a focus on improving quality of life.

DoYouRemember: The Internet’s first social site based upon nostalgia is the Facebook for our yesterdays. Michael Gitter and Richard Bronson.

TrainingMD: This is an exercise physiology mobile application designed to provide healthcare professionals with a platform for improving patient wellness and health.

ToddlerTV: This mobile app provides safe and independent video content discovery for toddlers. Madeleine Moss Funes

ZipTip: This startup provides a mobile payments platform for tips and gratuities. Lois Hamblet.

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