Innovation and Payments Take Flight with Wearable Application Hackathon this Past Weekend

Posted by simplify This weekend, American Airlines hosted the first ever in-flight wearable technology hackathon in San Francisco. More than 200 leading developers and hardware manufacturers participated in the two-day American Airlines event ... The FlyInStyle team was presented with an award for their exceptional use of Simplify in their wearable app.

We’re proud to announce that many of the teams chose to include Simplify Commerce as part of their wearable tech commerce solution, emphasizing the importance of adding revenue to wearable technology applications.

The FlyInStyle team was presented with an award for their exceptional use of Simplify in their wearable app. The team developed an app that helps airports, airlines and retailers increase their store traffic and sales through delivering promotions, offers, tips and events to consumers.  Users use Simplify’s simple and straightforward platform to process online payments.

At the end of the two-day hackathon the teams presented their wearable technology ideas, showcasing their benefit to in-flight customers as well as discussing additional features and their go-to-market strategies.

The quality of wearable techology ideas was incredibly high. In the end, the following five teams, including several featuring Simplify Commerce, have been chosen to present their prototypes during a cross-continential flight next month. The teams presenting to American Airlines in July include:

APX Labs – Skywear is a notification framework that allows you to communicate with any traveler, with any wearable.

Proximity Signage – Displays flight information relevant for the user standing in front of in-airport signage.

InFlightSocial – GoGo communication between travelers.

UsTwo – Puts airlines at the center of a more human travel experience using beacons and flight data to connect travelers to loved ones from door to door.

Follow Up – A solution that utilizes a mobile app, iBeacon and web services to simplify and make transparent the process for airlines to handle DPNA (Disabled Person Needing Assistance) and Kids when traveling.

We look forward to seeing your working prototypes next month!